Amazing Local Tapas in Seville – the Triana tapas crawl!

May 07, 2018

Triana, Triana, qué bonita está Triana…” So go the famous flamenco lyrics. Triana, just over the river from Seville proper, is one very proud barrio, historically the home of a large Gypsy population, as well as flamenco dancers, bullfighters and a strong pottery industry. While the neighbourhood has changed (the Gypsies were displaced in the 1970s), the local pride remains. And if you’re looking to escape Seville’s tourist centre and hit some very local tapas bars, then Triana is the perfect spot.

I was in the city with some of the Devour Tours crew (a number of whom live in Seville) and we were running a test of our new Tapas Like a Local: Triana Neighbourhood Tapas Tour. In other words, we went out for tapas and pretended it was work. We hit five of the best tapas bars in Triana, and ate everything from perfectly grilled pork loin to freshly-carved jamón to stewed pork cheek to the most amazing radishes you’ve ever tried in your life (the last one may sound a little strange, but trust me).

And the drinks? Vermouth, wine and… of course… sherry! Straight from the barrel.

So anyway, if you’re in Seville and want enjoy a fab night out amongst the locals (check out my new friend Enrique right at the end of the video) and want to eat tapas and drink sherry like a Trianero, then check out the video and follow our lead!

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