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Madrid Revealed 2020

I moved to Madrid 10 years ago. At first, I was disappointed. The city seemed impersonal. The food average. The waiters, unfriendly. 😬

But the problem wasn’t Madrid.

I kept exploring. I kept learning. I kept eating. And then it clicked.

This is one of the most incredible cities in the world. It’s a village. The food is mind-blowing. The waiters ARE a bit gruff. But now I appreciate their “way”. 😅

I wrote this e-book so you don’t spend 10 years falling in love with Madrid. It’s got everything you need to have a 100% local & unforgettable experience from day 1.

Shaun Williams

Shaun Williams

"Time is always a traveller's enemy — this guide, Madrid Revealed, makes sure that you focus on the good stuff not waste your valuable days on trying to crack the code"

Julius Rojas

Julius Rojas

"We've lived here for 3 years, but James was able to share great suggestions for sights to see and places to eat that we hadn't heard of. I wish we had this when we first arrived."


You can spend hours reading a million blogs, or scanning TripAdvisor to figure out what to do, visit and eat...

But you’ll –

1) waste hours in confusing research; and

2) be none the wiser by the end of it.

As I write this, the “best” restaurant in Madrid on TripAdvisor is a pizza joint!

The second “best”? A burger joint! 🤯

Too many blogs and guides are written by people who don’t live in a city. And TripAdvisor reviews are just totally out of whack.

One of my favourites tapas bars is (at the time of writing) #1,032 on TripAdvisor out of #9,976.

How would you FIND that place?

But if you do go I can guarantee you’ll have a local, memorable experience.

👇🏽But here’s the important part👇🏽

Of course Madrid Revealed tells you where to go (and where not to go). The best tapas bars, local shops, markets, museums.

But it also tells you how to visit these places like a local.

You’ll be able to walk into a hidden, family-run tapas bar, order wine, handle the tapas menu, and have an awesome evening like all those locals all are around you.

Shaun Williams

Gabriela Comanescu


"So, I just bought Madrid Revealed book and OMG!! How is that not mentioned more often should be mentioned like every third post! Best resource ever and I am doing my research about the city for the last 2 months! I learned more in the last half hour than last month. Buy this book!"

Julius Rojas

Francis Glorieus

"Hello James and Yoli, I bought your e-book Madrid Revealed last week and Devoured it! Great Stuff, tons of information, 264 pages, all the short-cuts to the YouTube movies you made, just overwhelming, thank you so much. The map on my i-pad in Google Maps is filled with green spots."

Full Section Overview

Section 1: Huddle Up

How to use Madrid Revealed's unique approach to get the most of your trip.

Section 2: Pre-Trip

When to go, when NOT to go, the best neighbourhoods to stay in, the most common pre-trip questions I get asked.

Section 3: You've Arrived!

Everything you need to know on the ground – common mistakes, transport, scams, confusing opening hours, do you need to speak Spanish?

Section 4: How To Eat & Drink Like A Local

Where locals eat (tapas bars vs. restaurants), when they eat (from breakfast to the famous "sobremesa"), deep dive on wine, how to enjoy traditional markets, tipping rules & more.

Section 5: How To Soak Up The Local Culture

My must-know tips for visiting the Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen (without going crazy). Lesser-known (but must-visit) small museums; how to see the right flamenco show; how to see a football match; visit the famous Rastro flea market (the local way).

Section 6: Complete Neighbourhood Guides

Literally the best tapas bars, restaurants, cocktail joints, coffee places, shops & hidden local corners in EVERY neighbourhood in historic Madrid. No tourist traps. Also, a perfect resource if you're moving to Madrid.


When you download Madrid Revealed you'll receive instantly via email a perfectly formatted PDF that you can print or read on your computer, iPad, tablet, smartphone. Please note, if you review it on your Kindle, the links won't work.

Special Madrid Revealed Digital Map

Get my private Madrid Revealed Digital Map. Access it via a special link in the guide to see all my recommendations plotted in Google Maps.

Bill Raymon

Bill Raymon

"Madrid Revealed is a wonderfully informative guide. The practicality of the subject matter makes this a must-read for anyone wanting to spend time feeling like a local in Madrid."

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Jackie Torres (via Instagram)

"Fabulous... one-stop-shop. Wish I had this for all the places I plan to travel to. This really is a huge time saver... this will give me huge bang for my buck."

A No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you download Madrid Revealed and you're not happy with it, just drop me an email and I'll give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Even if you travel to Madrid and find that it doesn't make your truly local & unforgettable, let me know when you get back and I'll return your money. That's how confident I am of this e-book.

And remember, this guide is fully updated for 2023 to reflect any COVID closures, and also includes a few new openings!

James Blick ❤️


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