Best Books To Read Before Visiting Spain (my personal recommendations)

Feb 10, 2018

I’m a curious sort, and before I head to a place, I always like to read up a little. And Spain is clearly no different. Before I moved here in 2011 I had already begun devouring every interesting book about the country I could get my hands on. And so now I have a rather large library of books about Spain at home — ranging from books about Spanish food, Spanish wine, Spanish history, the civil war, the countries’ different regions, as well as fabulous older books that given a fascinating insight into what it was like to visit this country decades and centuries ago.

So if you’re heading to Spain, I would recommend doing a little reading first. You’ll have a much richer time as a result. And so via my own personal Amazon shop, I’ve put together a selection of my top recommended books about Spain.

Click this link to check out my top recommended books about Spain.

Disclaimer: I do get a little percentage if you buy a book through the above link. Small enough such that you’d have to buy a zillion books to make me a rich man. So what are you waiting for! 🙂

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