Epic Madrid Food Tour (10 stops)

May 29, 2018

Finally I had the time – and the stomach – to tackle it. An epic Madrid food tour that hits 10 of my favourite places and bites in this city. If you’re heading to the capital, this Madrid food guide is your gastro ticket to ride!

Let me whet your appetite with a short list of what you’re going to discover and taste. The city’s best melted chocolate, a wonderfully gooey tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette) at a hidden bar and made by a tortilla wizard, vermouth on tap in the Mercado San Miguel, a bull tail parcel in a 100-year-old bar, the finest ham in the world, the city’s best calamari sandwich, unbelievably moist bacalao… sorry, I’m running out of breath.

But the upshot is that if you’re heading to Madrid, these bars and shops are some of the most delicious and authentic spots in the city. And they’re all within a few minutes walking distance, around the Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor (yes, it’s not all tourist traps in them thar hills!), And beyond amazing food, these castizo establishments will also give you a wonderful sense of what it means to eat and drink like a madrileño. These are REAL places, where locals go and that have stuck to serving up Madrid cuisine as it has been for decades (if not longer).

Because after years in the shadows, Madrid’s cuisine is finally starting to get the credit it deserves. Most of these places are traditional establishments and some are pretty rough and tumble, but you can pair this with an upsurge in more modern tapas establishments and restaurants that are turning out some of Spain’s most innovation cuisine.

Need I say more? Madrid is delicious. Madrid rocks. Come visit! Madrid food tour video to follow…

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